Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Ok, we just finished post on the SOiL video, we spent 100+ hours and for the final weekend had to pull two all nighters to make some last minute changes and additions, CRAZY!
I happened to be watching MTV and saw the spot for SOiL's new album 'Give it up', we didn't edit it, but they used some of our RAW footage, I think the edit is pretty lame, and they didn't CC any of the RAW footage! What's up wit dat! er something... Anyways I TIVO'd the spot and sent it to Noah who sent it to SOiL and now they both have it on their pages, I told them they should add a tag "Courtesy of Saul's TIVO!" The music video will be up soon and we are hoping to make MTV's rotation as well as FUSE... I'll let you know, when and where..

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